Canada Work Visa

Canada Work Visa

Canada Work Visa

In today’s world, there are number of people from all over the world who are looking for work in Canada. Canada, which is known as the land of prospects and also succeed with economic prosperity. There are many wise choices of educational, health care and retirement plans offered in Canada, which is why people migrate to Canada. Canada reflects prestigious in the economy and other sectors in terms of the progress. Canada is considered as a vital participant in world affairs. These are the reasons why people are moving to Canada. The Canadian federal government and the provinces make the appropriate arrangements to give these people work visas and immigration facilities. Work visa to Canada can be obtained by the employer if he has a message job offer from a company in Canada before applying for a work visa. People migrate to Canada to live and work in a country, which is economically strong and have a safe and secure environment. In the past few years, it is clear that Canada is attracting skilled workers who can fill positions that Canadian employers face obstacles working to fill these vacancies by the Canadian population. The best way to get a work visa to Canada is, unless you have been sponsored by the company, and given a letter a permanent job.

Procedure to Apply for Canada:

Here are the steps that the employer must consider and follow before applying for a work visa to Canada:

  • The employer must make sure that your position if appropriate to apply for a Canadian work visa by sending a request to the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC).
  • After this presentation I have confirmed the position
  • After getting the confirmation of your status to apply Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a work visa Canada.

Remember that not all offers of employment are considered by Human Resources Development Canada, because it will only consider if your situation can benefit the Canadian market will not affect the jobs of Canadian citizen.

After the completion of the work will finish your work visa and you cannot stay in Canada, and Canadian work visa is not exchangeable.

Canada work visa categories

Canada work visa is divided into different categories for the benefit of the employer, which is discussed below:

  • Visa skilled workers:

Skilled workers visa is for people who want to find work and settle in Canada.

  • Study Visa:

This visa is reserved for applicants who want to study in Canada and want to get admission to any Canadian educational institution.

  • Tourist Visa:

Tourist visa is mainly given for temporary residence or visiting the country for holidays.

  • Sponsorship Visa:

It is for sponsored programs and permanent residence in the country.

  • Family Visa:

This visa can be used to bring family members to Canada.

  • Work visa:

This can be used to work in Canada only if the applicants received a permanent display of the employer’s speech.